Material Girls (Mini Novice)

Ages: 4-10 yrs

Season Begins Aug ends May

Limited Travel: Only 2 competition event per season + Program Showcase & local performances

Practices: 2x per week at 1 hour each/ 1hour cheer & 1 hour tumbling

Great for beginners and no experience necessary





Glamour (Junior Prep)

Ages: 5-16 years

Season: August - May 

Practices: 2x per week at 1.5 hours each + Tumbling Classes 2x monthly 

Travel: 3 events + 1 National event + local community performances

Great for beginners or those with some experience in Rec cheer(IWV) or gymnastics.

Build on skills and competition perfomances. Rec cheerleaders option to register at completion of their season




Paparazzi (Senior Elite)

Ages: 10-18 years

Season: Begins July 18th through May 2023

Practices: 2x per week at 2 hours each + Tumbling classes

Travel: 3-5 events + 1 National 2-day event + local community performaces

This team also does 1 big travel end of season event.

Experience: Must have done 2 years on our prep team or have previous cheer/gymnastics experience.

Skill evaluation required






 (included for cheer team members)

We offer an array of classes based on your childs skill level. Any of our staff members can quickly help you determine which class is right  for your child.

Classes are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Rec cheer program Tumbling MONDAYS 5-6pm

We offer 4 skill level classes by age group.
Skills taught in this class range from:
Foward rolls to cartwheels, hands stands and walk overs,
back handsprings, front handsprings & tucks

Level 1 Tumbling WEDNESDAYS 6-7pm

Skills taught in this class range from
Foward rolls, cartwheels,hands stands and walk overs

Level 2+ Tumbling MONDAYS  6-7 pm

Must be able to demonstrate all skills learned in beginning tumbling
skills taught in this class range from back handsprings, front handsprings,dive rolls
progression of connecting running pass skills 
round off progressions
Must be able to demonstrate all level 1&2 skills
work on level 2 skill connections from standing
skill taught are airborne skills(no hands) tucks/aerials/layouts
work on body awareness and spotting to safely land skills
introduction to air twisting skills once basic airborne skills mastered

Power Tumbling FRIDAYS 6-7pm

Skills taught in this class are how to apply power and speed to running tumbling
proper take off angles for round offs and connecting skills
proper hip and core engagement for faster rotations and skill connection


 (included for cheer team members)

The tuition also included tumbling classes

These classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, times will vary. 



Work on understanding of each jump 
strengthen motions and muscles to improve jump execution
drills for form and body awareness to improve height


Continue to build proper body strength needed for this sport
work on improving flexibility as a flyer 
work overall general flexibility to reduce injury
work on stunting technique from any stunt position POV